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Extremadura – Savanna Safari

Arrive in Badajoz, accommodation at the hotel. On time, we will take a tour (included) of typical tapas of the region around the historic quarter of Badajoz.

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure on a 4x4 vehicle along rural roads toward Marvão (Portugal). As well as Badajoz, Marvão was founded by lbn Marwan, a Spanish-Muslim military leader who settled in the region in the years 886-887. The city was crowned by the majestic alcabaza, word that derives from Arabic (al qasbah), meaning fortress. We will visit the old fortress and the village with its enchanting homes, churches and squares, from the top of the fortification with its wonderful views on one side Portugal and Spain on the other. We will continue our trip going towards Herrera de Alcântara (Cáceres – Spain). We will visit the lands of Dehesa de Solana and we will see the pasture land rout, where the Iberian Pigs (essential supply for the production of the famous ham "Jamones Ibericos") graze.
We will see the company's property, under the orientation of experts in animal farming and manufacturing of its products and derivatives. Also, we will see the interesting "secadores" where the ham is dried. We will end our visit a lunch/degustation of products derivatives of the authentic Iberian Pig. Next, we will visit the city of Alcântara and its roman bridge. Return to the hotel. Dinner (included) selected by Gastronomic Tour Spain.

Breakfast at the hotel. On a 4x 4 vehicle, will leave towards Valencia de Alcântara, well known for the Jewish-Gothic square and its various Megalithic dolmens in perfect state of conservation. A guided route will allow us to learn about the historic heritage of the region: the famous church of Nuestra Señora do Rocamador, the Synagogue and many traditional county houses. We will continue through different trails between hectares of woods until we arrive to the rural house. We will be familiarizing with the country life of the region and have lunch (included) with typical products. Right ahead, we will resume our trip towards San Vicente de Alcântara, known as the capital of cork and we will visit its museum. Next, we will pass by Albuquerque, Badajoz and Elvas. The evening is free in the charming Elvas.

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure towards Olivenza. Founded by Knights Templars, under the orders of the king of Portugal Alfonso Enrique, and later conquered by the Spaniard Templars, under the dominion of the king of Leon Alfonso IX, during the spring of 1230. Its first years of history began under the Spanish sovereignty in the mid-thirteenth century. We will visit the Medieval Castle and the Valdecebadar Church (with its Visigothic architecture). Olivenza is considered the world capital of bullfighting because it is believed that that the competitions started in here. Also, we will visit some of Ribera de Guadiana's wineries for a wine tasting. Typical lunch in Elvas. In the afternoon, we will see some of the city's monumental attractions, such as the Aqueduct. The rest of day is free.

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure towards Lisbon or Madrid. End of our services. See our representative's suggestions to extend your stay in Spain or Portugal.

Extremadura – Savanna Safari

Starting at € 720,00
(Per Person in double occupancy room)

5 days / 4 nights

Hotel: 3* Sup./4*

Exit: MÍN. 2 PAX

Departures: February: 17, March: 3-17, April: 7-21-28, May.: 5-19, June: 2-16-30, July: 14-28, August: 25, September: 1-15-29, October: 13-27, November: 10-24


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